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Mui Ne Mineral Mud Center

Enjoy the feeling of relaxation

In the world, mineral mud baths have been known for a long time and are considered one of the most effective health care therapies from nature. And in Vietnam, the demand for natural mud baths to improve health and beauty is getting more and more.

Hot mineral mud baths are now known to many people as natural beauty treatments to help you have a fresh, smooth skin. Mineral mud bath also helps to remove toxins from the body, helping you really relax and recover health after hard working days.
  • Mui Ne mineral mud is a highly alkaline Bentonite product, the pH is 9.8 (near absolute), is a 100% natural, pure mineral mud ...
  • Restaurant menu is very rich and diverse including Asian specialties and famous European dishes, attentive attentive staff, ...
  • Massage space is designed modern and close to nature, professional massage services will help you relax after hours ...
  • With a large pool, the pool of Mui Ne Hot Mud Center is a perfect answer for those who love swimming pool.
  • Yoga is known as one of the mental relaxation exercises, but it also has a great effect on weight loss ...
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Mui Ne is one of the most beautiful and romantic marine ecotourism in Binh Thuan province. Visitors to Mui Ne not only attracted by the wild beauty of nature but also attracted by the unique cuisine and the hospitality of the fishing village.
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Mui Ne is the name of a sea, a famous tourist center in Phan Thiet was included in the list of national tourism in Vietnam. The name of Mui Ne comes from fishermen fishing, whenever the boat meets the storm, the boat often come here to take refuge. Located 22km north-east of Phan Thiet, Mui Ne has become a tourist attraction for tourists because of the harmony between the yellow sand of the vast sand and the blue of the The coconut is soaring around the coast.
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"What is the most beautiful season in Phan Thiet?", "Move here by means of what?", "Where to eat, relax, where to play?" ... You should have the answers to the questions above. When deciding "carry bags back and go" travel Phan Thiet!
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