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Relaxing mud bath

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The Mui Ne mineral mud is a highly alkaline Bentonite product, the pH is 9.8 (nearly absolute), a 100% natural mineral mud, which is exploited and processed at mineral mines. in Lam Vien plateau. These are the best mineral deposits in Vietnam today and meet the international standards for alkaline Bentonite mineral content. Through pure locality, the quality of Bentonite mineral mud in Mui Ne is outstanding.
As a high alkaline Bentonite product containing a lot of Bicarbonate-sodium, exchanging Cation in this high alkaline Bentonite is mainly Ca2 +, Mg2-, Na +, Cl-, K + and some other trace minerals such as iron, zinc.v. essential for the human body; But there is absolutely no presence of harmful substances for the body. Mineral elements and trace elements in alkaline Bentonite work to penetrate pores on the skin surface when bathing and bathing will cure some specific diseases ...
Mui Ne hot mud bath has the following main effects:
- Quickly reduce nervous stress symptoms due to excessive mental labor;
- Quickly restore muscle function due to a lot of physical labor;
- Relaxing, curing mental stress and mental illnesses due to the physiological and psychological impacts of labor as well as in industrialized social life;
- Cleansing skin surface cells, exfoliating dead skin cells, eliminating bacteria and toxins affecting the epidermis on the skin;
- Tighten pores, treat acne and skin diseases ...
- Make skin soft, bright, smooth, anti-aging skin, natural bright white and firm from inside. Suitable for all skin, regardless of gender, age ...
- Support treatment of osteoarthritis diseases such as arthritis, leprosy, rheumatism, muscle pain, sciatica;
- Support treatment of symptoms of inflammation and degeneration of limb joints;
- If you do not have the condition of soaking in the bath directly at Mui Ne Hot Mud Center, visitors can use Mui Ne mineral mud to cover the mask or cover the whole body (mud mixed with mineral water), lie relaxing or Sunbathing on the reclining seats for 15-20 minutes, then bathing with hot mineral water (or normal water), visitors will have smooth, bright skin ... cure skin diseases and be very good for health.



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