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After soaking mud delight and fun, comfortable swim in the pool, guests were hungry and of course, can mingle with melodious music and dine or enjoy the sea food specialty of marine origin Phan Thiet, and enjoy a beer is produced by technology of Czechoslovakia in a restaurant is designed very beautiful, overlooking the ocean and pool with a capacity of about 500 visitors on the bank of the lake.
It is suitable for birthday parties, weddings and Gala night. Sitting in the restaurant, visitors can zoom eye and daydreaming out the ocean with boat dock is not far away undulating skyline, while offline, when present, blended with sea birds whispering wind and sea, cool.
At the same time admire the tourists are happy to play with the glide of a canoe or sail fast surfing on the waves, reminds us recall memories of a childhood summer days with smooth Kites Arab ... When night falls membranes, especially the moonlit night, outside the bright lights of the resort, the lights flared Scans of the night fishing boats are bobbing on the sea, moonlight shimmering, magical will print the bottom of the ocean water ... to give visitors the feeling wonderful relaxing.

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The restaurant

After soaking mud delight and fun, comfortable swim in the pool, guests were hungry and of course...


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