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Mud Mui Ne is a product Bentonite highly alkaline, pH 9.8 (near absolute), is a natural mineral slurry, 100% pure, to be exploited and processed in the mines Lam Vien Plateau. This is the best mines Vietnam today and meet international standards for levels of alkaline mineral Bentonite. Through refinement, quality Bentonite mud Mui Ne has dominance ..
Bentonite is a product rich in bicarbonate-alkaline sodium cation exchange to the high alkalinity of Bentonite mainly Ca2 +, Mg2-, Na +, Cl-, K + and some other trace minerals such as iron, kem.vv essential for the human body; but absolutely no presence toxic for the body. The elemental minerals and trace elements in alkaline Bentonite works penetrates the pores on the surface of the skin when bathing and cure specific diseases ...
Soak in hot mud Mui Ne has the following effects:
- Reduces rapid neurological symptoms of stress due to excessive mental work;
- Rehabilitation muscles quickly so much physical work;
- Relax, treat nervous tension and mentally due to the psychological impact of labor and social life in industrialized cause;
- Clean the surface skin cells, exfoliating dead skin, eliminate toxins and bacteria affect the epidermis of the skin;
- To tighten pores, acne and other skin diseases ...
- Makes skin soft, bright, smooth base, anti-aging, natural white and firmness from the inside. Suitable for all skin, regardless of gender, age ...
- Support for the treatment of bone and joint diseases such as arthritis, gout, rheumatism, muscle pain, sciatica;
- Support for the treatment of symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis limbs;
- If there are no conditions directly soak in hot mud Center Mui Ne, visitors can use to Mui Ne mud mask or cover the whole body (mud mixed with mineral water features), relaxing or on the sun loungers around 15-20 minutes, then the bath with hot water (or water usually are), you'll have smooth skin, bright ... cure skin diseases and very good for health.

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Dodge mud nose is a product Bentonite highly alkaline, pH 9.8 (near absolute) ...

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